A program designed to be primarily taught outdoors, Fresh Ayre broadens children’s intellectual horizons by following a child’s natural thirst for knowledge.

Fresh Ayre is an outdoor based daycare in Brackendale that is awaiting you to join us for adventures!!  Offering programs for children age 10 months to 5 years, the hours of operation are:

Monday to Friday: 7:30 am until 5:30 pm  

Viewing each family as unique, deserving of respect, and the center of the child’s life we are committed to create a space where one can foster interpersonal relationships between children, adults and the environment. Facilitating learning through a variety of mediums and methods influenced by Reggio Emilia. We trust that every parent, child and teacher will discover joy on the path of learning as he or she challenges, leads and nurtures one another in a creative, natural environment.

At Fresh Ayre we build upon the belief that children have a natural disposition for learning and hold an innate curiosity that, when intentionally and carefully nurtured, blossoms into a life-long love of learning.

 Licensed Facility