Questions and Answers
regarding Fresh Ayre Daycare

Our dreams came true-We are Open!

Accommodating 37 children with ages ranging from 12 months to 5 years. The philosophy of this particular program encourages generous year round outdoor play. 

We hope some of your questions are answered below; in not please email us at

Thank you - Emma Jayne

Q - How big is the property?
A – The property is just over 2 acres in size

Q – How many students can there be on one day?
A – There is capacity for 12 children ages 1–3 years plus 25 children 2-5 years = 37 total

Q – IS Fresh Ayre licensed?
A – Yes, Fresh Ayre is fully licensed by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCHA) under the BC Community Care Assisted Living Act – Child Care Licensing Regulation. We have a business license and our staff arefully qualified.

Q – What are the operating hours?
A – Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5:30 pm. These flexible hours accommodate parents with differing day-time working hours.

Q – Will client automobile traffic use Maple Crescent?
A – Certainly we are sensitive to the use of Maple Crescent by parents in automobiles. Our instruction manual to parents will require them to use Judd Road only for drop-off and pick-ups. It would be difficult for the city to regulate a ban and enforce it, but our commitment is to work closely with our neighbours to ensure this isn’t a problem. Plus, it is our hope that many parents will walk their children to Fresh Ayre.

Q – What about traffic congestion?
A – The property at 1250 Judd road has a circular driveway and this is well suited for drop off and pick up. We are small – considerably smaller than local public schools, so we don’t anticipate we will be creating traffic congestion. We will also post an arrow on the driveway reminding parents to ‘exit to Judd Road’ only. Our flexible hours means that it will be a gradual pick up and drop off process rather than all at once at 8:45 am or 3:00 pm. And finally, our locations lends itself well to pedestrian drop offs.

Q – Where will staff and visitors park?
A – On property.

Q – Why do you have such a large yard?
A – A generous part of our program takes place outdoors. The forested field on the property is ideal for children to get lost in their imagination. Play is children's work-they deserve the best office Brackendale can offer!!

Q – Will you grow in the coming years and if so by how much?
A – The hope is that we can create more spaces for the children and families in our community to join us in the beauty of the outdoors.  However, our focus is quality not quantity. 

Q – Will you be noisy?
A – To some degree yes we will generate some noise - happy children's noise. But, we have a large lot to spread out on with plenty of trees, bushes and gardens to absorb the sounds of children playing and learning. 37 children will not all be in one place at one time...well maybe once or twice...

Q – How will you ensure that there won’t be a lot of traffic congestion when children are either dropped off or picked up?
A – Experience at another daycare's in Squamish of the same size and hours is that no more than 6 cars come and drop off/pick up at the peak 15 minute time period.